About Biomime

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring inspiration and innovation from nature to the bench in pursuit of solutions to real everyday challenges of humanity. We will educate students to comprehend and copy the harmony of nature’s way and relate it to their inner core values, manifested outwardly in innovative design and creative thinking.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer unique educational experience for children and youth teaching nature inspired innovative design.

The Biomime Team

We are a team of scientists, educationists, innovators and economists who share a passion for using Nature as a Teacher to educate with thoughtfulness, care and understanding.

Dr. Nermina Lamadema


Nermina is responsible for overseeing our strategic vision and development programs. Her scientific pedigree and interests serve to spur the team towards new frontiers in the field of biomimetic design and nature inspired technological advances.

Scientist by training, Nermina is a Molecular and Cell Biologist working in academic research mainly focusing on the study of how external environmental factors affect phenotype and disease progression – epigenetics. Her research is supported by grant awarding bodies and has been awarded for her work in science which has been published in peer review journals. She is also an educationist and teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University level. She works as a STEM Ambassador national program to inspire and encourage young students to further their study in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering through tailored programmes delivered at the UK schools.

Amina Elza Nouri


Amina combines her knowledge of biomimetic applications in design and technology with her experience as a director of an education oriented NGO to serve as a support for network development on a national and regional level.

Currently pursuing PhD at the Faculty of Architecture University of Sarajevo, her research interest is application of biomimicry in architecture. Amina has international reputation and experience in architecture. She is an innovator and holds patents in the filed of industrial ecology. She also presides over the assembly„Mother and Child of Sarajevo“ association whose goals are to connect lifelong education and learning with spiritual transformation.

Selma Bojic Kovac


Pedagogist by training Selma is in charge of all things Biomimcry. She is responsible for teaching, Global Design Challenge students preparations, educational resources development and organizing and sharing our Biomimicry story.

Master of chemical engineering (University of Sarajevo, Faculty of science and mathematics, Department of organic chemistry and biochemistry). Selma teaches Chemistry at the High School level. She worked for United Nation population fund and has extensive experience of teaching science at various levels. Selma is interested in holistic approach to health and medicine, and to that end grows organic raw fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants at her own farm. She is an entrepreneur with a business in whole food plant based vegan produce and custom- made herbal tinctures manufacturing and supply.

Aida Etminan


Aida brings her unique background which combines science and spiritual education to lead the BiomimEthics programme with a goal of developing our next generation curriculum. This will be a holistic combination of ethics and science working in harmony with Nature.

Master of chemical engineering (University of Sarajevo, Faculty of science and mathematics, Department of organic chemistry and biochemistry). Aida teaches chemistry at an Independent High School using Cambridge Education System. Her interests are in approach to science form spiritual point of view based on traditional doctrine.

Diana Duskaj – Bezdrob


Diana manages business and marketing details for all of our amazing Biomimicry projects. She directs activities on our social media platforms in collaboration with the rest of the team to engage our community in news, research and events in the field. She is responsible for our business growth and development strategy and financial details management.

Diana is a graduate of School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo .